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They are handmade pens, and each pen takes approximately between 3-5 hours depending upon the kit and complexity of the material being turned.

The kits are imported or bought from Australia. Most of the kits are made in Taiwan under very strict quality assurance conditions. I provide warranty of 1 year for the material that I have turned to make your pen. I can't however provide warranty for the kit as I don't manufacture it myself and I don't get any warranty on them either.

Each pen is hand turned and sanded to 12000 grit and then finished with 20 coats of Cyanoacrylate and polished with microcrystalline wax. The procedure is very complex and needs fine attention to detail. The pen you order will vary in colour and pattern from the pictures, as each piece of timber or resin or metal is unique. In many ways the pen you get is one of a kind as each natural piece of timber will be different.

The materials on the kit vary from ordinary plated chrome, to plated 22K Gold, Rhodium, Gold Titanium and Black Titanium. All pens are subject to availability of material and kits.

I developed an interest in wood working in my early years and got the opportunity to study wood working from a close friend Maurice Crook in Kalgoorlie. In 2012 I joined the local wood working club and later tutored under John Ewart a master wood turner at Woolgoolga, NSW. In that process I turned my passion to specialise in pen turning and broadened my skills through practice and research. I now make pens with a variety of materials. I am a member of the international association of pen turners. I was commissioned to turn 2 pens out of 45 pens from all over the world which are showcased in their chapter meetings in the USA.

All proceeds of the pen turning sales go towards charitable causes.

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