Raised to Life, Music, CD, Dr Sean GeorgeRaised to Life, Music, CD, Dr Sean George

Never Again

This is an album dedicated to the Jewish people, recognizing the importance of the Jewish roots of Christianity. The album acknowledges the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust where over 6 millions Jewish people were killed including woman and children, but also celebrates the miraculous  birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 through all the struggles. God fulfilled His promises to the nation of Israel, and today He is continuously bringing them back to the Land of Israel which He has called His own land!

"Never Again" resonates the understanding that the Jewish people are the "Apple of God's Eye" the chosen people of God. As Christians its our Biblical mandate to pray, comfort, encourage and support the nation of Israel. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem"

It also recognizes that man has fallen away from God and needs to repent and turn to Yeshua the Messiah the Savior of the world! God has made a way through His only son Yeshua who died on the cross for our sin, all we need to do is to accept Him into our heart.

God inspired me to write these songs in Israel & Poland, and I pray that this album blesses your heart. The music is a fusion of the middle eastern traditional instruments and western music. The middle eastern instruments are played by leading Israeli artists playing the Oud, Baglama, Tar, Kamanchech, Bazouki, Yayli Tanbur, Ney and varieties of percussion instruments. The western artists are from Australia and United States of America. The Tar was played by a well renouned Persian artist Fariborz Azizi from LA.

I really hope you will enjoy the songs, lyrics, music and production bringing together unique flavors of the Middle East & the West. I also pray that this brings the hope that we have, the joy and peace that comes from God into your hearts and that of your family.

Here is a testimonial from William J Triplett an award winning singer/songwriter, USA):
"During the course of our lifetimes and even throughout the history of nations God sends signs. He sends signs to give hope. He sends signs as signals. He communicates in signs. " Never Again" is an olive branch, a sign from God, to a people and a time awaiting such a message. You'll be renewed, encouraged, and reconciled as you listen to the latest release of Dr Sean T George and Project Naomi"

100% proceeds of this album will go towards humanitarian aid work in Israel through Project Naomi

Visit the website to know more about the work we do.

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Raised To Life

The title is “ Raised to Life” based on the song God gave me to share my testimony of God’s faithfulness of raising me to life after being dead for over an hour and 25 mins. The album has 14 songs and I trust that it will touch your life.

You can also get it here or play it on Youtube.

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Preview Tracks

1. You Set Me Free
2. Blessed
3. His Son
4. He Leadeth Me
5. The Truth, The Life, The Way
6. It's True
7. As an Incense
8. Not The Better Man
9. Saved
10. The Gift
11. The Love of The Cross
12. At His Feet
13. In Everything Give Thanks

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