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I was dead for 1 hour and 25 minutes but came back to life after my wife prayed a simple prayer. Here you'll find my story, my mission and how to contact me.

My Story

On 24th October 2008, Dr Sean George, a consultant physician in a West Australian hospital, returned from the dead to amaze colleagues who had battled for almost 55 minutes to revive his lifeless heart.

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Whilst driving into Kambalda, Sean started experiencing discomfort in his chest and was led to stop at the clinic.
He was given an electro-cardiogram by the nursing staff and diagnosed himself as having a heart attack.
Burns from Sean's 13 defibrillator shocks
After going into cardiac arrest, Sean was given an hour of CPR and 13 shocks (burns from the shocks shown).
Meanwhile Sean's wife Sherry raced to Kambalda and when she arrived was told to say a last goodbye.
Sherry took Sean's hand and cried out to God with a simple prayer. Immediately his heart started beating!
RFDS Plane
4 hours later, Sean was flown to Perth with the RFDS for an emergency procedure to unblock his right artery.
Freak Hailstorm
A freak hailstorm nearly prevented the flight from taking off, despite it being a 36 degree spring day.
Sean had kidney and liver failure and was in a deep coma in the ICU. His brain was thought to be dead.
Sean in Hospital
Against all odds, Sean woke up three days later with a fully functional brain! He was discharged after 2 weeks.
Back at Work
Three months later, he returned to full-time work after a steady recovery. What an amazing miracle!

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Others' Comments

What people are saying about Sean's Story

"A squally thunderstorm rolled through Kalgoorlie- Boulder. A friend texted me to tell us the tragic news of Sean’s heart attack and that Sherry was on her way to Kambalda to see with him. It was a terrible blow. I sat in my car and watched as trees where battered by the wind and rain and prayed for a miracle. As you will see in this website the prayers of so many people were answered in the healing of Sean George. In Sean’s life we see the power of God at work in a way that tells me that God is at work in this world. Sad losses are part of our broken world, but God still acts in ways that cause us to see glimpses of his coming Kingdom. Sean’s story is once such glimpse.”.

Rev. Allan Thomas B.Th, Grad. Dip. Min, M.Min
Senior Pastor at Parkerville Baptist Church
Chair of the Council of the Baptist Churches of Western Australia

"I have been intimately inured in fatal accidents and deaths of all variety. When Dr Sean suffered the heart attack I witnessed the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital and local church communities come together like never before. Witnessed by six doctors - three Christian, two Hindu and one Muslim, two nurses, two paramedics and two police officers, his death is also conclusively proved by the defibrillator logs. I can only imagine the shock of his doctors when the man who died woke up, sat up and eventually asked to read his own charts. First witnessed by family and friends, and now by every patient he serves and enquirer who’ll listen, the resurrection of Dr Sean is simply proved by the man himself. From the depths of despair to the elation of miraculous healing and restoration to family, hospital and church, it has been my great privilege to share a close friendship with Dr Sean and his family. In a world demanding evidence, the resurrection of Dr Sean stands head and shoulders above any other contemporary proof of God I know, and dares the sceptic to believe like nothing else."

Stephen Bedells
Close Friend of Sean

"Sean, I think you were really blessed by God on that otherwise fatal day. No man made science is certain and despite me being a doctor, I believe its particularly true with medical science. To come out of a situation where all your organs needed some kind of support and despite 3 days of being in coma, your brain functions were not compromised. I must say its not possible to explain this in medical terms.

Thanks to the team that made sure that God could answer your wife's prayers. We are all very glad that you continue to be among us and hope and pray that you have a long and very healthy life."

Dr Pravin Sulya Shetty MBBS MD FRACP
Consultant Physician
Kalgoorlie Hospital

"Dr Sean George has a compelling story to share. He speaks with the authority of a medical consultant and the humility of a true servant of God. Any Church or organisation that chooses to have Sean share his story will be encouraged and challenged by the power of God. This is one the best documented miracles that I have come across in Australia."

Dale Stephenson
Senior Pastor
Crossway Baptist Church

"I have known Sean George for over 4 years now and was so blessed, challenged and encouraged when I heard his testimony of the miracle of God in the saving of his life. This is a genuine truthful testimony backed up by medical reports. I highly recommend Sean to you, your church, organisation or ministry to hear his story as it builds faith in a miracle working God."

Pastor Mark Wilson
Director of Ministries
Baptist Churches Western Australia

"I know Dr. Sean George personally, have heard the story from him, examined independant accounts of the story and saw the medical evidence myself. Being a stickler for evidence myself, I can't but agree that this is nothing short of a miracle"

George Mathew
Author & Business Consultant
Sydney, NSW

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