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I was dead for 1 hour and 25 minutes but came back to life after my wife prayed a simple prayer. Here you'll find my story, my mission and how to contact me.

My Story

On 24th October 2008, Dr Sean George, a consultant physician in a West Australian hospital, returned from the dead to amaze colleagues who had battled for almost 55 minutes to revive his lifeless heart.

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Whilst driving into Kambalda, Sean started experiencing discomfort in his chest and was led to stop at the clinic.
He was given an electro-cardiogram by the nursing staff and diagnosed himself as having a heart attack.
Burns from Sean's 13 defibrillator shocks
After going into cardiac arrest, Sean was given an hour of CPR and 13 shocks (burns from the shocks shown).
Meanwhile Sean's wife Sherry raced to Kambalda and when she arrived was told to say a last goodbye.
Sherry took Sean's hand and cried out to God with a simple prayer. Immediately his heart started beating!
RFDS Plane
4 hours later, Sean was flown to Perth with the RFDS for an emergency procedure to unblock his right artery.
Freak Hailstorm
A freak hailstorm nearly prevented the flight from taking off, despite it being a 36 degree spring day.
Sean had kidney and liver failure and was in a deep coma in the ICU. His brain was thought to be dead.
Sean in Hospital
Against all odds, Sean woke up three days later with a fully functional brain! He was discharged after 2 weeks.
Back at Work
Three months later, he returned to full-time work after a steady recovery. What an amazing miracle!

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HCF Mission Trips

Tongoa 2008 | Espiritu Santo 2009 | Norsup 2010 | Ambae 2011

Ambae 2011

This was their 6th annual visit and this has been a really fruitful ministry. 

It was truly gratifying to see that HCF Oceania has an MOU with the Ministry of Health to provide Christ centered healthcare in camps and needy areas.  The Ministry of Health selects the province the team should go to.

Also the HCF Oceania team had a burden to place a Bislama Bible in every home in Vanuatu (ie. 40,000 homes) The Lord has blessed their faith and provided around 30% of the  total needed already.  Now HCF Oceania has an MOU with Vanuatu Council of Churches and Bible Society for this.  

The Medical Camp/HCF conference is a unique strategy that the Lord has given His children.  So this year the Province chosen was Penama Province.  This has three islands, Ambae, Pentecost and Maewo.  There are no doctors in any of these islands.

We had the conference and camp at Lolowai Charles Godden Memorial Hospital.  Charles Godden was a missionary who was killed in Lolowai.  A nurse practitioners and nurses run the hospital.  There was a remarkable support from the Regional Health Director a believer and many others.  Many churches participated. 

HCF CONFERENCE – This was for three days with healthcare staff and church Pastors and those interested.  We had a most blessed time. Also all who were to counsel patients at the medical camp got a short training.  On the Sunday we had a joint service with all the churches.  Many responded to the call and we had to minister to them.

Dr. Sean George shared a most remarkable testimony on Sunday evening. After his testimony many came forward to accept Christ

GOD STOPPED THE RAIN - In Lolowai from Friday to Sunday, it rained incessantly.  Rain of course is a blessing.  But Saturday we sensed this may well be some subtle evil effort to keep patients away.  A fast was called for on Sunday and we had a blessed time of prayer and even had a prophetic act about the people of Israel crossing the Red sea on dry land. 

That night a very strong wind blew.  We woke on Monday morning to see a blue sky and dry ground!  Hallelujah!  Patients poured in for four days.  There were almost 1800 patients. General Medicine, Cardiology, Eye, ENT, Family Medicine, Dental, Surgical, Physiotherapy, Maternity and Child health clinics were conducted.  Almost all patients were counseled by a team of about 30 including the local Nivan pastors. While the clinics were on, there were children’s ministry and also lovely Christian music on the loud speakers.  Volunteers gathered to feed all in the team and in the conference.  It was truly a lovely atmosphere.

SALVATION – It was so thrilling that over 350 patients accepted Christ during the counseling sessions.  This was after careful counseling and sharing the Gospel.  Hallelujah!  Many also rededicated their lives to the Lord.

MIRACLES – We saw at least two real miraculous interventions of God in healing.  God is real and able to heal too! It was so good to witness this and very humbling and challenging. God is alive!

REVIVAL MEETINGS – After 7 P.M there were revival meetings in the grounds of the hospital.  On the last day, after the closing ceremony there was lots of singing and dancing.  One could not help but join young and old in dancing around and praise. 

HCF OCEANIA TEAM – There were twenty nine in the team half were medical and others were counselors.  We experienced His love and unity.  The dedication and uniqueness of every member of the team was such a blessing.

Even as we returned, the joy and the desire to share the Gospel remained.  We had the joy of leading our driver to the Lord on the way to the airport and finally just before boarding the flight to Sydney from Port Villa, we had the joy of leading a girl at a shop in the airport to the Lord.  Her eyes glistened with tears of joy after she had prayed the sinner’s prayer.


  1. Please pray for lasting fruit!
  2. Please pray for a Missionary Doctor couple to go to Lolowai. 
  3. Please pray for continuing strategic ministry in this land and other Pacific islands.

Pray for the next mission trip to Tanna Island in Vanuatu and Madang Province in Papua New Guinea.

Bible Distribution

Bibles & Other literature Total Given Out
NIV/Good News Bible 231 
Bislama Bibles  2,000 
John's Gospel (Bislama)  2,000 
Steps to peace with God  1,000 

Spiritual Statistics

Date # of those Born Again # Rededicate their
Life to Jesus
Others Totals
27-Jun-11 85 48 309 442
28-Jun-11 43 21 191 255
29-Jun-11 142 75 333 550
30-Jun-11 118 44 219 381
Totals 388 188 1,052 1,628

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