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I was dead for 1 hour and 25 minutes but came back to life after my wife prayed a simple prayer. Here you'll find my story, my mission and how to contact me.

My Story

On 24th October 2008, Dr Sean George, a consultant physician in a West Australian hospital, returned from the dead to amaze colleagues who had battled for almost 55 minutes to revive his lifeless heart.

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Whilst driving into Kambalda, Sean started experiencing discomfort in his chest and was led to stop at the clinic.
He was given an electro-cardiogram by the nursing staff and diagnosed himself as having a heart attack.
Burns from Sean's 13 defibrillator shocks
After going into cardiac arrest, Sean was given an hour of CPR and 13 shocks (burns from the shocks shown).
Meanwhile Sean's wife Sherry raced to Kambalda and when she arrived was told to say a last goodbye.
Sherry took Sean's hand and cried out to God with a simple prayer. Immediately his heart started beating!
RFDS Plane
4 hours later, Sean was flown to Perth with the RFDS for an emergency procedure to unblock his right artery.
Freak Hailstorm
A freak hailstorm nearly prevented the flight from taking off, despite it being a 36 degree spring day.
Sean had kidney and liver failure and was in a deep coma in the ICU. His brain was thought to be dead.
Sean in Hospital
Against all odds, Sean woke up three days later with a fully functional brain! He was discharged after 2 weeks.
Back at Work
Three months later, he returned to full-time work after a steady recovery. What an amazing miracle!

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HCF Mission Trips

Tongoa 2008 | Espiritu Santo 2009 | Norsup 2010 | Ambae 2011

Espiritu Santo 2009

Vanuatu is made up of 82 relatively small islands in the Pacific Ocean , surrounded by beautiful tropical beaches, reefs & tropical fish. Its 200,000 people speak Bislama and in 2006 were designated to be the world's happiest nation. They live off the land and their main economy is tourism. Many people have small businesses or operate taxi and bus services for tourists. They have a carbohydrate rich diet, including rice, tapioca, yam & beef, and love music and singing.

The majority of Nivans (local people of Vanuatu) don't have access to medical treatment. Most villages only have a nursing post, with no resident doctors and often no electricity. HCF, or Healthcare Christian Fellowship, is an international organisation that operates in more than 100 countries. The Oceania branch covers the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, and ultimately aim to visit all the pacific islands. 

In Vanuatu, the mission teams visit different provinces where there's most medical need. At each conference they firstly train up the local medical staff in Christian maturity & sharing the gospel, and then run medical camps where locals are invited to have a health check-up and some Christian counselling. The gospel is able to be shared freely.

On Thursday, 20th August 2009 an excited crew of 8 people drove to Perth from Kalgoorlie, 600 km away to catch our overnight plane to Brisbane. In Perth we picked up one of the brothers who had moved from Kalgoorlie. From Brisbane we flew to Luganville.

This time we went to an island called Espiritu Santo and the main village where we were stationed was Hog Harbour. The trip to the remote area of Hog Harbour, although only approximately 70 kms in distance, took almost 2 hours due to the roads being in very poor condition.  Along the way we saw lots of lush green jungle, many coconut plantations, frequent beautiful big grazing cattle, and locals walking in their casual manner carrying machetes or other assorted big knives.

Our team consisted of 31 people from various parts of Australia and New Zealand, the ages varying from 82 years to 11 years! We were divided into four working teams so that we could cover 4 villages in the area. The division was the Eye Clinic, 2 Medical and the dental and ENT Clinical teams. The villages we visited were Hog Harbour, Kole, Bene Sara and Port Orly. We managed to see 1200 patients among 7 doctors.

At night, they are involved in revival meetings which are run primarily by the locals, and involve songs, worship and a gospel message. The whole village attends these meetings, and many people have the opportunity to commit their lives to Christ.

Saturday, 22nd August was our first busy day on the job.  We were driven in to the church at Hog Harbour where we met with the Nivan HCF volunteers from the other islands of Vanuatu who travelled across to assist with the clinics.  The chief and elders of Hog Harbour invited us to walk through the specially made banner at the entrance to the village, and the local ladies adorned us with garland wreaths and welcoming kisses/hugs.  We were invited to sit on the stage and given formal permission from the elders to enter the village and to conduct clinics.

Sunday, 23rd August began with a packed church service at Hog Harbour. Sean gave his testimony, to which over 100 people responded.  Jeannette, Ben and Michael took over 100 children outside for a gospel presentation.

An important part of these mission trips is the distribution of Bislama bibles. A large percentage of Christians in Vanuatu do not have the bible in their own language. Donations from Christians all over Australia and the world pay for these bibles, as well as the medicine that is used in the clinics. We were able to donate 300 bibles this time. It is our passion to see every family in Vanuatu with a bible. That's 40,000 bibles, which will cost around 250,000 dollars. We ask you to come on board with us and give your support. And not only financial support is needed. Your prayers are crucial to the success of the mission trips.

From Monday till Thursday we ran the clinics in the community. As a result of the clinics followed by Counselling more than 300 people gave their lives to Christ for the first time and many rededicated their lives to the Lord. The estimated number of additional new Christians from Saturday & Sunday revival meetings over 130.


  • The LORD kept us all well and healthy throughout the trip
  • We were abundantly provided for with accommodation, the Ministry of Health paid for half of our fees, and the villagers provided our lunches and dinner free of charge and with great grace
  • A great number of people made first time commitments, and many re-dedicated their lives to the LORD
  • The team fellowshipped and worked very well with each other, especially since many of us were first-time mission trippers


  • There is a great need for more Bislama bibles, particularly for new Christians, pastors and elders. We have a burden to be able to provide a Bislama Bible for each family in Vanuatu which would mean 40,000 bibles (AU$ 250,000)
  • Seeds that have been sown will be watered and fruitful
  • Pray for our Nivan co-workers, pastors and elders that the Lord would use them mightily for the follow up.
  • Pray for the local HCF coordinator  Mr Joe Kalo, that God would encourage and strengthen him
  • Pray for the economy of Vanuatu which heavily relies on tourism
  • Pray for the continued access to the country for evangelism
  • Pray for more doctors particularly GP’s who could contribute greatly to this endeavour
  • 2010 conference and medical camp in Malakula (the second largest island of Vanuatu)
  • Pray as Sean has been given the coordinators role of HCF in WA
  • Pray for funding towards a part time admin support for HCF Australia

Finally and most importantly we give all praise, honour and glory to God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for what has been accomplished in our trip to Espiritu Santo.

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